Futura Agency will work with the client to design a website that is created from scratch to meet the client’s business goals and needs. Using this information, we’ll do the graphic design of the website and use it as a starting point for the development afterward. An emphasis will be placed on the onsite SEO and the speed optimization of the website. We will make sure that this website meets the Google Core Web Vitals, which is a new must for modern websites. This website will also need to be added on Google My Business which gives more visibility to potential clients.

Look at what other features are included:



  • Manage content pages and create new content pages
  • Edit pages using a Microsoft Word-like content editor
  • Add images and manage uploaded images library
  • Image editing and cropping tool
  • Set page as “active” or “inactive”
  • Set page URL and SEO elements


  • Manage blog posts
  • Set blog publish date
  • Set post as “active” or “inactive”
  • Add blog summary and full blog post using Microsoft Word-like content editor
  • Add images and manage uploaded image library
  • Select blog category and author
  • Set post URL and SEO elements

Homepage Banners

  • Manage homepage banners
  • Set banner sort orders
  • Set banner URL or leave unlinked
  • Set banners as “active” or “inactive”


  • Manage your main navigations including header, side, and footer
  • Add drop-down to main navigation
  • Set links to open in the same or new window

Auto Email Messages

  • Manage main email template design
  • Send an email every time you post a blog
  • Set messaging for thank you for an email on blog comment submissions

Comment Management

  • Manage all comments
  • Set comments to “approved” or delete reviews

Onsite SEO

  • Manage all dynamic title tag structures throughout the website
  • Configure dynamic title and META tags for categories and sub-categories
  • Configure dynamic title and META tags for brand pages
  • Configure dynamic title and META tags for product pages
  • Configure site-wide default title and META tags
  • Configure homepage title and META tags
  • Set unique title, META tags, and URL information for specific content pages & categories

Administration Users

  • Add and delete administration logins with name, email, and password